what we do

Monthly Milonga

Nashville Tango Club hosts a monthly Milonga the second Friday of the month, from 8.30PM to 11.30PM at Casa Azafran (Global Education Center Studio).

Buenos Aires Style Milonga, with tandas and cortinas, music from the golden age to contemporary Tangos. Please check the Calendar for the next milonga.

Price: $10

We recommend comfortable closed-heel shoes, with leather soles.

Nashville Tango Club was founded to expose and educate Nashvillians to the art of Argentine Tango. Our numerous activities fall into two broad categories:

Planning tango events

  • Weekly classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students
  • Tango workshops
  • Milongas (Tango dance socials)
  • Performances
  • Private lessons for individuals, couples and small groups
  • Dance choreographies for special celebrations such as weddings.

Supporting growth of the Tango community

  • Promote local Tango artists, musicians, and dancers through our events
  • Joint events with other local and regional art and cultural institutions, both commercial and non-profit

Promote and help organizing trips to Tango festivals and workshops held across the U.S.

Please contact MariaPia at info@nashvilletangoclub.com if you have any questions or wish to sign-up for the events or classes offered by Nashville Tango Club.

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