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Nashville Tango Club teaches Social Tango that fuses a variety of styles. Almost anyone can learn to dance Social Tango, which can be danced via basic steps or more complex combinations.

At Nashville Tango Club, we teach open embrace, but encourage our students to learn and practice close embrace so they can comfortably dance in both embraces and shift between open and close to allow the integration of various styles of tango. In tango world, such approach to dancing is referred as liquid tango.

Nashville Tango Club is an Argentine Tango social club. Our group of dancers and instructors has a diverse dance background and has traveled across the U.S. to study with internationally renowned Argentine Tango dancers. We love dancing and teaching Argentine Tango.


Director and Head Instructor of Nashville Tango Club MariaPia De Pasquale, native of Milan, Italy, started dancing Argentine Tango in 2001 in Boston, MA. Since then, she has been so enchanted by this sensual and creative dance and so enraptured that learning, dancing and interpreting Tango became the main activity of her free time. "Argentine Tango is an elegant and sensual dance that makes two people connect thru its music. It is a hymn to seduction, which music, poetry and passion are a part of", says MariaPia.

She was the Artistic Director, Head Instructor and choreographer for former non-profit Tango Nashville. Currently she is the director of Nashville Tango Club. MariaPia has studied with internationally renowned Argentine Tango dancers such as the Broadway star Pablo Veron, Miriam Larici, Nito and Elba, Fabian Salas, Carina Losano among other Argentine Tango Master Instructors. She never misses a chance to fly anywhere an Argentine Tango festival or a workshop calls her, whether it be in the US, Europe or Latin America.

When she moved to Nashville in 2002 she made it her mission to bring Argentine Tango to Nashville. To accomplish her task, MariaPia co-funded Nashville Tango Club to expose and educate Nashvillians to the passion of this extraordinary art.

MariaPia choreographs and performs at special events and presentations, and she also hosts 'Milongas' (the Argentine Tango dance/social gatherings) for the growing and enthusiastic local community. As Head Instructor, MariaPia teaches individual and group classes, and workshops, and also trains a Dance Troupe on a weekly basis.

Additionally, she has performed at the Tennessee Latino Awards Gala, artistic events in Cheekwood, the Frist Museum, festivals and at local entertainment venues. She has been a faculty member of the Nashville Ballet, the Vanderbilt Dance Program and the Metro Nashville Arts Center, and currently teaches at the Global Education Center.

When not on the dance floor, MariaPia De Pasquale, who is Research Assistant Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University, does research in the AIDS field.


Dance Troupe

Anna Kovalkova, born and raised in Moscow, Russia, is an investment professional at Pharos Capital Group, a local private equity firm. Anna has a broad dance background having danced many styles of dance from ballet to ballroom. She fell in love with Argentine Tango when she took her first lessons in 2004 and has been dancing Tango ever since. Anna has performed at numerous local entertainment venues and has become a tango instructor for Nashville Tango Club. Anna sees Tango through a prism of two dancers “who are like an artist's paint brush drawing a beautiful painting on the dance floor, expressing the changing colors of Tango music.”

Doug White, a native of Nashville, TN, got swept into the Tango in 2007, when he took his first tango lessons. The more he danced tango, the more he got drawn to the dance and the tango community, becoming a regular tanguero at the milongas, classes, workshops and other tango events. Doug joined the Troupe in 2010 and has become an avid performer and instructor. “Tango is the only dance I can feel and connect with, but it is also the tango community that makes this dance so special,” says Doug.

Moogie Baasandamba, born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He has been in Nashville since 2005. He has been dancing Argentine tango since 2015: he walked in a class one day moved by curiosity about this dance and by the end of class he was hooked on. Moogie joined the Nashville Tango Club in 2017 and has become an assistant instructor and board member. “Argentine tango is about LUDUS (playful love). Music will evoke one thing, one partner will evoke another, and the combination of all of the ingredients for that moment will take you to a particular experience of love. The next day it will be different,”; says Moogie.



Andrea Danti is a native of Verona, Italy, where he received his degree in Economics and Master in Certification of Quality for global quality. Andrea moved to Nashville, TN in 2005 after meeting MariaPia and falling in love with her. He started learning Argentine Tango as part of his new life with MariaPia and now, when he is not riding around town on his red Vespa scooter, he is dancing tango. He is an active supporter of Nashville Tango Club and is known as “the ladies man”, always an available leader for the joy of our followers. Additionally, Andrea is a successful entrepreneur and business owner of 100% Italiano Inc, a fine Italian wine distribution company.

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